Congress Registration Form

Undated 5/17/2016

Congress Late Registration and Reimbursement Policy


Users Guide to Registering for Congress
(read these instructions before you start to make sure you have what you will need)

  1. You will be able to access the registration form online by clicking on the link:   Begin your Registration
  2. You will need the following things before starting the process: your login information for the website (email address and password), a credit card, and the information for all your guests that you are going to register.
  3. Once you Log In to the website and are on the home page with your name showing look to the left side and you will see a group of symbols. Look for a symbol that looks like a calendar and you click on it.
  4. This will bring you to the events page. Scroll down until you see "126th NSSAR Congress - Boston Massachusetts" in the list and click on it.
  5. It will open to the registration form and you click on the word "register"
  6. Enter your National SAR Number, it may autofill some of the blocks for you, but you need to check them for accuracy.
  7. Enter your National Title.
  8. Enter your State Society that you are representing. This is a required field.
  9. Enter or check for accuracy your Registrant Information. You must put in an email address to get an itinerary when you are done registering.
  10. Check whether you are a first time attendee or not. This is a required field.
  11. Enter any mobility or dietary restrictions you may have.
  12. Choose your type of registration depending on when you register. This then puts you on the list for the following functions (Host Reception, Youth Awards Luncheon, PGs Banquet, Installation Banquet).
  13. Now you are ready to choose your functions on the right hand side of the registration.
  14. Click on the events you want to attend. You should check to make sure that the Host Reception, Youth Awards, PGs Banquet and Installation Banquet are checked.
  15. For the Youth Awards, PGs Banquet and Installation Banquet you must check what entrée you wish to order.
  16. Now you are ready to add guest or spouse if you have any attending with you.
  17. Click the Blue Add Guests/Spouse box. It will open the part for adding a guest.
  18. Answer the question about if this guest is a spouse (if so, then you pay the registration fee for your spouse and he or she attends the Host reception, Youth Awards, PGs Banquet and Installation Banquet).
  19. Answer the question for first time attendee. This is a required field.
  20. Fill in the general information. For State Society select your society so they are listed with you in the reports book.
  21. In the email part you can put their personal email if you want them to receive a separate itinerary or put yours. This is a required field.
  22. Make the selections for their functions, remember to make entrée selections for the Youth Awards, PGs Banquet and Installation Banquet.
  23. Fill in the mobility and dietary restrictions if any.
  24. Click on Add Guest. They will appear on the right hand side as a registered guest.
  25. Repeat steps 18-25 until you have added all your guests.
  26. You can check what you have added after you click add each time to make sure you have the right functions and meal entrees for you and your guests.
  27. Once this is done you are ready to checkout and confirm your registration. You must check the box that states you have read the cancellation and reimbursement policy before you confirm your registration.
  28. Once you click on confirm you will see the credit card information open at the bottom.
  29. Enter the card holders name just like it is on the credit card. Remember there is no punctuation on the credit card so do not use periods or commas.
  30. Enter your credit card number without spaces.
  31. Enter your expiration date in the drop down boxes for month and year and your CVV number from the back of the credit card.
  32. I recommend you check over the registration one more time to ensure you have all the right guests, events and functions checked before you complete registration. Once you click complete registration you cannot change your order and it goes forward. Any change to the registration after it is submitted will require you to contact Debbie Smalley (502) 588-6123 to delete your registration and then you will have to completely register again. She will not be able to do that for you.
  33. You should get a page that thanks you for your registration and allows you to request an email itinerary as a receipt. If you click on it you will get an email with the complete itinerary for you and your guests. This will list the start time, end time, cost and give the general information that was on the registration form for each individual you registered. I recommend you again check it closely to ensure you have what you need.
  34. At this point, you are finished and should be registered and ready to attend Congress in Boston.
  35. Questions should be directed to Mike Scroggins (502) 588-6125, Debbie Smalley (502) 588-6123 or Paul Callanan (906) 273-2424.


Draft Congress Schedule (subject to change)


Friday, July 8, 2016Duck Tour and Faneul Hall
Saturday, July 9, 2016Lexington and Concord Tour

Host Reception
Sunday, July 10, 2016Color Guard Breakfast

Rumbaugh Orations Contest

Trustees Meeting

Memorial Service

First Lady's Tea
Monday, July 11, 2016Council of State Presidents' Breakfast

Opening Ceremony

NEHGS Reception

Minuteman Ceremony

Awards Ceremony
Tuesday, July 12, 2016Atlantic Middle States Breakfast

Intermountain-Western-Pacific District Breakfast

South Atlantic District Breakfast

South Centeral District Breakfast

Southern District Breakfast

President General's Banquet
Wednesday, July 13, 2016SAR 1000 Breakfast

Closing Session

Trustees Meeting

U.S.S. Constitution Museum and Adams National Park Tour

Installation Banquet