Congress Registration Form

Undated 3/23/2016


Here is the latest on the registration for Congress. Congress registration is going to be available on line only. That means that everyone will have to register for Congress using the same type of system that we used for Spring Leadership.

Just prior to Leadership I sat down with members from HQs Staff, Compatriot Bill Marrs and the Blackstone people to go over the registration needs for Congress. They will not begin to work on it until the beginning of April and we probably will not have it ready for Beta Testing by a select few individuals until around the middle of April.

With that said, it does not look like the registration form will be available until at least the end of April or early May. Prior to posting the link for public registration I will have to test it with members of the society and then also do a detailed list of instructions for the form. That will be posted prior to the final version being released for the membership.

So, I would not look to see the registration form until at least the beginning of May. I will update you as we get closer to the first day of the registration period.

Thank you for your patience on this endeavor.

Paul Callanan
NSSAR Congress Planning Chairman